We believe it has everything to do with our work ethic, which we've dubbed K.A.T.A.N.A, with each letter representing one of our guiding principles.

We believe it has everything to do with our work ethic, which we've dubbed K.A.T.A.N.A, with each letter representing one of our guiding principles.


We understand how your device works and will know where to look when things go wrong. An understanding such as this can only be granted by a lifelong passion for electronics, and this is what makes us who we are.


At iTronics, we take our craft seriously. We like what we do and we like doing it beautifully. We prefer to repair, rather than to throw away and replace. Beyond being businesses, our shops are schools where we grow as human beings. This keeps our prices low and keeps us happy, which in turns makes it a happy environment for you.


We know what it means to be separated from your smartphone or tablet, or whatever you use to connect to the world. Therefore, we prefer to repair your item as you wait whenever possible. For the more complex operations requiring time or rare parts, we constantly communicate with you to keep you informed of our progress. We have the skills and experience to work fast without sacrificing quality.


We will solder the pins that no one will and rebuild the circuit that everyone has given up on. Constant self-improvement is our motto: the expansion of our understanding, the refining of our gestures and the increase of our love and energy. At iTronics, we aspire to ever push the boundaries of what we think possible.


Attention to detail is another feature which distinguishes iTronics. We see beyond appearances, understand what we are looking at and use our fingers and tools to work effectively on a microscopic scale. We set the highest standards for ourselves and tolerate no flaws in parts received from our suppliers.


We recognize the value of your device and of you as a being. This is why we listen with utmost attention to you and hear out your specific needs, remaining always open to customizing our service in consequence. We treat you as a friend and your device
like our own.

My iPhone screen is cracked but still usable, will you replace the glass only?

Not exactly. We will replace the entire screen for your iPhone, but charge you a lower rate, as we recover the difference when your screen is recycled. From your point of view, it is exactly the same repair as an LCD change, except it costs you less.

My screen on my iPhone 6 is coming off, can you bond it back?

Yes, we can glue it or bond it back, but before we do it we strongly recommend a check up to determine the source of the problem and target it to avoid having the same problem over and over.

The common causes are:

  • Bent chassis (phone)
  • Inflated battery
  • Pressure caused by a case , the way the phone is used or some environmental factors such as heat or chemicals

I have trouble charging my Galaxy S7, should I attempt to clean the connector?

Yes, you can use a pin-shaped object to carefully try to dislodge whatever might be preventing your charger from connecting properly.
Please proceed cautiously and avoid the connector pins, which you should be able to see when looking inside the connector. If your charging problem persists, we will be glad to examine the device for you.

I spilled water on my MacBook Pro, it stopped working but now it is working fine. Should I continue using it as if nothing ever happened?

No, you should get it checked ASAP, because even if it’s working at the moment, the nature of liquid damage is such that your device may now be in a very unstable state. It can work fine for a while, then you will gradually lose some functions, and it can finally stop working altogether. The faster you bring it in, the faster we can contain any corrosion – replace any parts if needed – and keep your MacBook from deteriorating further. Water damage is unpredictable and extremely dangerous for your device.

What's the warranty on an iPad Air glass replacement?

The warranty is 6 months and covers functionality and fitting the glass; it does not cover any user damage (shocks, liquid spills, etc.), nor any loss of functionality unrelated to the repair. That is to say, if your home button doesn’t work after getting your glass replaced, there is a strong possibility that it is related to the operation, and it is covered by the warranty. If your power button stops working, that is much less likely to be related to us, and it would not be covered. We investigate each case separately however, and whatever issue turns out to be a result of our repair, you will be covered for it.

How long does it take to fix the battery of my smartphone?

Repair times vary widely from each smartphone to another, especially for batteries, especially as some of them are removable by the user and some are not. Even for non-user removable batteries, some are easier to reach and some are very difficult, so times will vary.

My laptop is very slow, what can I do to speed it up?

You can back up the data and restore the computer to its factory settings, as a first step. If the problem persists, and especially if you have hardware issues – such as a faulty hard drive or an overheating machine, we recommend you come to see us.

When you fix my iPhone 7 Plus screen, will the phone remain waterproof?

Yes, and this is the main reason why repair times are up to 3 times longer than for other iPhones. We reseal your device during the operation, so that it can keep its waterproof property.

Are the services you are offering available at all your locations?

The majority of our services are available at all our stores, with the exception of some circuit repairs and the front glass replacement for some particular models. Our store in Plateau Mont-Royal is where these services are offered.

Are the prices negotiable?

The prices are fixed, however we can give a discount for multiple repairs on a device. When we can open a device just once and perform several operations on it, we won’t charge you the full price for each.

We are a company and we have a hundred devices, do you have any programs and discounts for us?

Yes, we do have corporate programs. Please call us on 1 888 831 1642 and we will be happy to discuss your needs

I contacted another repair shop and they offered to replace my iPhone screen with original parts, are yours original too?

Apple provides replacement parts only for Apple-authorized repair shops (one or two exist in Montreal), and they provide the service for the exact same price as Apple does. If another repair shop claims to have original, brand new Apple parts, they are either taking them from
brand new devices, or simply misleading you. At iTronics, we offer two types of Apple replacement screens: the ones we use mainly are orignal refurbished screens, which means they are original used screens that have been refurbished to be as new; we also sometimes use aftermarket screens of the highest quality (95% of the original standard). Our warranty is the same, no matter which type of screen we have installed for you. For certain other devices, like Samsung for instance, the screens are either 100% original or refurbished. We do not use copies on those models, since the copies are LCD and the originals are AMOLED, which are completely different types of screens.

My phone is bent but it is still working, can you bend it back?

Yes, this is something we can either do as part of a repair (especially screen changes), or as a repair in itself. However, we cannot guarantee the functionality of your phone in the more serious cases, because of potential microcracks on your motherboard. When the casing of your phone bends, it can bend the motherboard past its breaking point and cause microscopic damage to it. When twisting the phone back to its original shape, these microcracks can actually get worse and start causing problems if they hadn’t done so already. These problems include display issues, camera issues, Wi-Fi connection problems and more. Microcracks can be helped if they are on the outside layers of the circuits, but in many cases a new motherboard is required.

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