It’s easy and convenient to send your device for repair to our locations, we treat the requests as personal drop off, this means that there will be no additional delays or costs exept the shipping fees and delays.

Please fill up the form prior sending the device, a unique number will be generated, it will be the only thing that you need to include with your device.

The address to send your device to is : 4401 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal, QC H2W 1Z8

Once the device is received, we will open a ticket (a proof or receipt and a way to keep track of the repair or service), we do start the repair as if it was dropped off on the spot and the only difference will be that we will sent to you by the shipping carrier and options of your choice.

Once the repair is completed you will receive a notification and an invoice with instructions on payment.

Any questions feel free to contact us by clicking the contact tab.